CrossFit Bloomfield Legends

Our CFB Legends train SMARTER. They’ve been around a while, they’re wise from experience, and they know that to continue to live a legendary life, investing in health and fitness is vital.

Our Legends program is for those 50-90 years young, regardless of current fitness level. Our number one goal is increased independence, achieved by building the following:

  • Healthy range of motion.
  • Core stability and strength for better posture and balance.
  • Strength and muscle mass in your legs, back and upper body.
  • Stamina and endurance, so that you can climb stairs, keep up your daily activities and enjoy active hobbies.
  • Proper technique and recovery principles for injury prevention.
  • Community, because there is nothing like being surrounded by motivated people with a common goal!

We use CrossFit principles, specifically tailored to ensure the safety and specific goals of our Legends. The exercises we use are focused on improving quality of life. Functional movements like squats, deadlifts, pushes and carries are all essential to an active, independent life. We will cater to your unique restrictions and abilities.

Legends classes are:
11am Mon and Wed
5:30pm Mon and Wed


Do you want to feel better?

Walk long distances?

Get out of a chair unassisted?

Carry your groceries?

Improve your posture?

Keep up with your grandkids?

Impress your doctor with your blood work and bone density?

LEGENDS- 2x week

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