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The Parents Garage- October 2009

CrossFit Bloomfield was born on the idea that Jordan could take his passion of fitness to help his members acheive a healthier lifestyle.

Jordan’s true passion is to help people strive to do and be the best. He learned this through a life that involved significant health issues and a hearing disability that easily could have kept him down and out. (Read His Story) Throughout his life, Jordan’s parents taught him the meaning of being relentless (Read We Were Relentless), never taking “no” for an answer, and striving for the best.

He has overcome many obstacles in his life, and today, this vibrant, enthusiastic and highly-motivated coach helps adults, children, and teens find the desire within them to accomplish their own personal fitness/health goals. Bringing a tough yet highly compassionate style to his coaching, Jordan leverages his own life lessons to help members to accomplish their own goals.

Jordan is also a motivational speaker and champion for overcoming the nation’s childhood obesity epidemic. This certified fitness coach and owner of CrossFit Bloomfield is President of the Jordan Levin Childhood Obesity Foundation, and speaks to groups about his life’s journey.

May 2010- 1500 Sq Ft facility

CFB 2.0 was just the perfect spot for us to continue the dream.

CFB 3.0- 8,000 Sq Ft Fitness Center

Our CFB family continues to grow.


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